Monday, September 17, 2012

{Review} Truth Be Told: Off the Record about Favorite Guests, Memorable Moments, Funniest Jokes, and a Half Century of Asking Questions by Larry King

Page Count: 248
Copyright: May 31, 2011
Publisher: Weinstein Books

Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

Truth Be Told is a revealing and irresistibly entertaining look back on Larry's remarkable run at CNN, and an honest look at Larry's own life behind the scenes. After more than a half-century of asking questions, Larry King suddenly found everyone wanted answers from him.

Was Larry King Live, CNN's highest rated program, ending after three decades?
Was Larry getting divorced again?

The paparazzi aimed their cameras at Larry. Jay Leno and other late-night talk-show hosts were having fun at his expense. And a cloud of uncertainty hovered over CNN. All of this forced Larry to look at changes in all aspects of his life, ultimately leading to his decision to leave Larry King Live and devote more time to his marriage and children. Larry reflects on how much the world has changed around him over the course of his fifty-year career, and he has a lot to say about everything and everyone: from marriages, politics, sports, entertainment, to the justice system, broadcasting, and the American future.

Truth Be Told is a candid and surprising look inside the monumental career of one of the most powerful and legendary talk-show hosts as he signs off from the nightly television program that has been close to all of our hearts.

Kathy's Review:

I've never watched Larry King's show on CNN. Not that I have anything against the guy; I'm not much for the "talk" format of tv or radio.

However, I found this book to be incredibly interesting, filled with nuggets of little-known facts about the celebrities King has interviewed and befriended over the years. I think someone slightly older than myself (I'm 36) might enjoy this a little bit more, as he focuses heavily on A-listers such as Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Elvis. Sure, I know who these people are, but I wasn't alive during the height of their popularity. But he's also got some things to say about LeBron James, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Ryan Seacrest. Not to mention countless others that fill every page of this book.

This book was written after King ended his 25-year reign on "Larry King Live" so the tone of the book is a bit reflective. He is looking back on a long and prosperous career and feels humbled and lucky to have gotten to meet the world's top actors, musicians and political leaders. This book gives insight into King's life as well as the lives of all those who he has had on his show over the years, and any fan of his show or anyone interested in some "insider" knowledge will get a kick out of King's Truth.

*A paperback copy of the novel was provided by the publicist, FSB Associates, in exchange for an honest review.

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