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Thank you for your interest in having a review done by the Collected Works blog review team - You should be able to find all the information you need below. Thanks for stopping by!

The owner and head reviewer of Collected Works, Mandy is the main person the authors and publishers come into contact with. Mandy is located in Southwest Georgia, the gnat capital of the South, and is married to a goofy, lovable hubby. By weekday, Mandy works as a Human Resource/Payroll Manager. She loves to travel to out-of-the-way locations as well as popular national landmarks. Tent-camping has also become a passion of hers since marrying her husband.

Mandy enjoys reading most genres, except for most non-fiction and poetry. She prefers physical copies but will read e-copies as well. To check out her review style, click here for a positive review and click here for a negative review.

Charlene has been part of the Collected Works' review team almost since the beginning. Located in Indiana, Charlene has a huge family that she loves to be with. In between her day job, scrapbooking, and various girls' nights, Charlene is one of our fastest and more positive reviewers. Even when she has something negative to say, she surrounds it with a lot of positivity. Charlene accepts physical copies only and is not a fan of nonfiction work. Please keep this in mind when requesting Charlene as your reviewer.

Want to check out her review style? Click here for a look at one of her negative reviews and click here for a look at one of her positive reviews.

From the land of the Buckeyes (that's Ohio for all you geographically-challenged peeps), we have our snarky reviewer Kathy. Kathy's time is mostly spent between her family, work, volunteering, and social/sporting events. In her minimal downtime, she escapes through reading. She is not a fan of sci-fi or historical fiction. She has the ability to read ebooks, but prefers physical copies when possible.

Click here to check out her style for negative reviews and click here to check out her style for positive reviews.

Lupe is our newest and youngest reviewer here on Collected Works. She is passionate about everything she does; from reading to watching movies to spending time with friends and family and especially about MSU football. When not selling ItWorks! on the side, Lupe enjoys escaping with a great read. She's not a fan of Harlequin, or Harlequin-esque, romances. She does enjoy non-fiction as well as whatever fiction strikes her fancy. Lupe can only accept physical copies so please keep that in mind when requesting her.

To check out our newest reviewer's review style, click here for a positive review and here for a negative one.


All reviews are of each reviewer's personal perception of an event and/or personal opinion of the author's work. We do not get paid for our reviews.

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