Friday, September 4, 2020

{Novella Review} The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky by Mackenzi Lee


This is a short novella between The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue and The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy.

At the end of Vice and Virtue, Percy and Monty FINALLY reveal their feelings for each other. They make the decision to be mutually exclusive (not a stretch for Percy, but definitely for Monty) as well as to not return to their homes. They decide to run away to London together to start their new life, even though it'll be destitute and lacking their usual comforts.

The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky is about what you think it's about. Sex. However, it's more about Monty and Percy trying to get to their first time and how obstacle after obstacle keeps them from having sex, making love, whatever you want to call it. The main issue standing in their way, surprisingly, is Monty. His issue is equating love and sex with the same person. He's used to using sex as a release with people he's not interested in keeping around. So, he is stressing the hell out that having sex with Percy will cause everything to go pear-shaped. Percy, sweet and perceptive Percy, understands something's going on in Monty's head and has a heart-to-heart with him about their relationship.

Overall, this was a quick, funny romp into Percy and Monty as a couple and gave the reader a little more depth into their relationship. I'd give it 4 stars.

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