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{Review} Face the Dark by Dave Ferraro

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Book Summary:
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One will betray her.

Still reeling from the events of Greece, the hunters find themselves targeted by demons and werewolves. As they try to figure out who has marked them for assassination and why, Shanna learns more about who the mysterious figure Diana was, and about the people she is hunting alongside. After the dust settles, they will never be the same again.

Mandy's Review:

Face the Dark is the third book in the Hunters of the Dark series. To read my reviews on the first two books in the series, just click the titles: Her Dark Destiny (Book #1) and Night Cries (Book #2).

A well-written series, to me, is able to introduce new elements while still staying true to the fundamental design of the initial story. The Hunters of the Dark series does this.

In Face the Dark, the hunters have returned from their rescue mission in Greece. They've brought back a siren as a prisoner so the scholars can study her and try to figure her out. Almost immediately, they're called to a crime scene where it appears that ritualistic sacrifice and torture have been played out. While Shanna's looking around, she realizes one of the victims is still alive.

Quinn, traumatized from watching his parents being tortured, has become the newest member of the hunters. Shanna relates well to his predicament and tries to spend time with him to let him know that he's not alone and that someone understands. Cameron welcomes the newest member, but doesn't appreciate the amount of time Shanna is spending with him. It's bad enough that Cameron feels Shanna's desire for Damien, the sexy vampire, but now she's spending time with Quinn?! Needless to say, Cameron shows his jealous side. And it's this jealousy that leads Cameron to make a "deal with the devil," so to speak.

In Night Cries, the majority of the hunters were partially marked for assassination. If the mark isn't finished being made, then the hunters would die via their nervous systems failing due to the powder that was ingested creating the first part of the mark. Cameron is approached by a member of La Faer Noir requesting he finish making the assassination mark on the rest of the hunters. At first, he turns it down, but when he's made an offer his narcissistic-self cannot refuse, he agrees to finish the job. As you can tell, La Faer Noir is not part of the good guys.

Face the Dark tells the story of what can happen when a good hunter goes bad. People are injured further and can possibly die. Will the hunters be assassinated or will they be able to overcome the obstacles set forth for them by one of their very own?

I really enjoy this series. The author does an excellent job of continuing the hunters' storyline, creating long-lasting personal conflicts mixed with plenty of action. If you're a paranormal fan, I believe that the Hunters of the Dark series would be a great addition to your personal library.

*An ecopy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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