Thursday, September 6, 2012

{Review} The Tourist by Jack Everett & David Coles

ISBN #: 978-1467957069
Page Count: 290
Copyright: January 10, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Robert Cleghorn was a good soldier, so good that he was first selected to join the Special Forces and following a head injury, was recruited by the CIA. A second head injury hospitalized him and psychiatrists rebuilt his memories from what they could recover. He escapes from the hospital where he was a virtual prisoner and goes to find the love of his life: his brother's wife and a typically English rose.

Always on a knife-edge, Robert quarrels with and kills his sibling. Finding his brother was about to go to England, Robert assumes the other's identity and heads for the UK. Blithely unaware that the memories of his beloved are artificial, unaware of the mayhem about to erupt and the very astute English copper soon to be seeking him and unaware, too, of the Americans dogging his footsteps, Robert soldiers on.

The fun is about to start.

Mandy's Review:

When as I began reading this novel, I was appalled by how murderous Robert Cleghorn was. As I finished the book and thought about it for awhile, I am now more appalled by how much of a victim Robert was.

Robert is the youngest of two siblings. He decided to join the military and was transferred overseas for his tours. He was injured during one of his tours and was hospitalized. When he was better, a friend of his coerced Robert into joining the CIA. Robert was nearly killed while working for the CIA. It was then that the CIA decided to use Robert as an experiment.

Pumping Robert full of drugs to induce extensive amnesia, the CIA then concocted fake memories in Robert's head. They did such a wonderful job that Robert was delusional about his past. He became angry that his brother stole away the love of his life, Stephanie. It was during an episode of this anger that Robert murdered his brother, stole his identity, and flew to England to reclaim the love he believed was stolen from him.

While in England, Robert encounters several others who anger him. Robert's anger caused a mist to fill his brain allowing what seems like an alternate personality to take over. Combine that anger with Robert's training to act unthinkingly and you have one dangerous man on the loose.

American and English police forces combine efforts to try and locate Robert Cleghorn. The CIA are also looking for him. Will Robert be found or will he escape capture yet again? Is Stephanie his true love or is she just a fake memory implanted in Robert's brain by the CIA?

The Tourist is an action-packed novel that murder-mystery lovers will enjoy.

*An ecopy of the novel was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Dear Avid reader we would like to thank you for giving an honest review of The Tourist an American publisher read it and enjoyed it so much that she wants more with the character DI White leading the story line. It seems that the more people read it the more it is appreciated.
    Thank you most kindly.

  2. The series mentioned in the previous comment has now begun to materialise with Damaged Goods issued this week and Damaged Limitation due out in January. Detective Inspector Stewart White and his team take on many and varied challenges as the inspector looks after his disabled, widowed father.


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