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{Review} Night Cries by Dave Ferraro

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An unexpected attack on Shanna Hunt and her new friends prompts the team of monster hunters to venture to Greece, where they encounter an abandoned city, ancient ruins, and a haunting mystery. Something has caused a mass evacuation of the city, something sinister that will stop at nothing to get what it wants. And if the powerful force lurking in the wings isn't enough to tear the team apart, perhaps the secrets they are keeping from each other are.

Mandy's Review:

Night Cries is the second Hunters of the Dark novel. Her Dark Destiny being the first. So, let me catch you up to speed a bit...

Shanna Hunt is a girl who lost her parents when she was young. She lived alone in an apartment in an apartment building her aunt owned. She had one close friend, Kelly, who was murdered one night at a club. The events that night introduced Shanna into the world of hunters, people who kill paranormal and other-worldly entities (i.e. vampires, zombies, giants, and many more). Since Shanna didn't have anybody left in her life that she cared about, she decided to head off to the East Coast and become a member of this group of hunters.

Shanna has trained with the hunters and has even participated in a major case while finding out she may be a reincarnated vampiress named Diana. She has conflicting feelings for two guys and feels insecure as a person. However, as these stories tend to go, Shanna is supposed to be the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to hunters and she is the potential fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

Now that you're caught up, let delve into Night Cries, shall we?

Night Cries begins a few months after the end of Her Dark Destiny. Shanna and Cameron have begun to solidify their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend ... even though Shanna is having problems forgetting Damien, a sexy vampire she let drink blood from her neck. The group of hunters have been doing simple missions the past few months; nothing too strenuous, but enough to keep them in shape and their skills honed. It's on one of these missions that a decision is made that puts Cameron into danger. The group of hunters go after him and wind up in Greece fighting mythological creatures.

When Night Cries first began, I thought it was going to be about vampires, werewolves, glamours, and the like similar to Her Dark Destiny. And, at first, it was. Then what I thought was going to be the meat of the story turned out to be merely a precursor into something greater.

This novel introduced the element of mythology (mostly Greek, but with some Roman thrown in there). I enjoyed the change of scenery, by taking the group to Greece instead of leaving them in the States, and I enjoyed the mythological addition to the storyline. Shanna is still fighting her feelings for Damien and is still trying to deny that she may very well be Diana. Cameron finally reveals why he's standoffish while they're being intimate (not that intimate ... get your mind out of the gutter). Rachel, who is usually the bitch, reveals her deeper self to Shanna and they begin to become friends. Valor, the leader of the hunters, plays a bigger role in this novel and the reader gets to see more of her emotional side, which is nice since she usually plays the tough, no-nonsense leader.

Overall this novel is packed with action and suspense. While I won't say that I'm in love with this series, I will say that I am enjoying this series tremendously and expect to re-read these books later on down the road.

One note to authors, and this is something that Kathy and I both have mentioned several times, please edit your works. I came across a particular phrase twice: "thermostat of coffee." Spellcheck will not catch this. Editing is essential in any work, I don't care how popular the author.

Now on to third novel in this series: Face the Dark. Look out for my review to come soon!

*An ecopy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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