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{Review} FAQs: Volumes One through Ten by Buck Tanner

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Book Summary:
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Have you ever wondered ...

- Is my Russian bride a spy?
- Do all vampires have erectile dysfunction?
- Why does the President keep a machete in the Oval Office?
- Why does my sex robot have a submarine piston in her vagina?
- Is my Genie an alcoholic?
- Why can't we eat soup at the Stonybridge Nudist Colony?
- Why is my unicorn attacking my dog?
- Are you sure Hitler is an anti-Semite? He seems like a pretty decent fellow.

Find answers to these questions and many more in ... Buck Tanner's FAQs: Volumes One through Ten

Kathy's Review:

Wow. These are out there. Each in their own twisted little way, these short stories told through Q & A format have something bizarre to offer. Whether it's time traveling back to kill Hitler, working at a nudist colony or owning a pet unicorn, each FAQ starts out relatively normal (given the subject matter, "relatively" is used pretty loosely here) and then takes a turn for the strange.

I did find the Q & A format to be humorous and a good way to keep the story moving forward. The questions are asked in the present, for example, "I just killed Hitler. What do I do now?" Usually the "answers" from the FAQ are from some official, made-up organization. The advice given in the FAQs isn't always practical, and often leads the questioner down a path to more mayhem.

If you've got a sick sense of humor and aren't easily offended, then give this a try. The FAQs each take about 10 minutes to read, and there are 10 in this collection. You can also purchase each FAQ individually if there are some you'd just as soon skip. I'd have to say the unicorn one was my favorite, and also the vampire sex FAQ. Hey - I said it was twisted!

*An ecopy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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