Saturday, September 8, 2012

{Blog Tour/Interview} The Truth About Lilly Barnes by Kimberly Russell

Welcome to Literary R&R's stop on Kimberly Russell's The Truth about Lilly Barnes virtual book blog tour, hosted by Lightning Book Promotions! Below you will find book info and an interview with an author. We hope you enjoy!

ISBN #: 978-1478128885
Page Count: 154
Copyright: June 5, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace

Book Blurb:

"Today is the day it is going to happen. I'm not melancholy or nervous. I just want to get it over with more than anything. Today is the day that I, Lilly Barnes, die."

Lilly Barnes doesn't want to live anymore. She is prepared to leave her life, family, and more importantly, her best friend Buddy behind for good. But, why? What could be so horrible that it makes a young girl want to end her life?

Find out in The Truth About Lilly Barnes.

Interview with Kimberly Russell:

1.) Tell us something about yourself that is not in your author bio.

I am a huge fan of live music. I try to make it out to at least a few concerts a year. My tastes are kind of all over the place and I'm going to see the following people in the next few months: Kelly Clarkson, Fiona Apple, Snow Patrol, and Alanis Morissette. I'm excited!

2.) Was there a reason why you chose such a touchy topic as suicide to write about?

It's funny to me now, but I never considered it a touchy topic. I just wanted to write about something that was important to me. I had a really hard time as a teen and it was nice for me to dig into those emotions again - therapeutic even. But, I never considered the topic to be touchy; in fact, I didn't realize that it was until I started getting emails from readers. Most of them have been kind and a lot of people have shared their stories with me which I value so much.

3.) How did you come up with your storyline?

I wanted to write about an average girl who is dealing with a lot of powerful issues and emotions. I think there are so many 'Lilly's' out there and I wanted to give them a voice in my tiny, tiny way.

4.) What type of research went into your novel?

I mainly researched the type of facilities that take in teens. I read their rules and guidelines. I read other accounts like Lilly's, mainly success stories. I read similar books as mine. I also watched a lot of movies that dealt with the same subject.

5.) Are you currently working on a new book?

My next book, The Adoration of Emma Wylde is lighter fare than Lilly. Emma Wylde is the world's biggest pop star and she can't quite stay out of trouble. A promotional event lands her in small town Texas and she is forced to look at herself and all of her past choices. I'm writing song lyrics for the book and it's been a blast to write so far.

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