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{Review} Pure Healing by Aja James

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Publisher: Aja James

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

In the world of Pure Ones, where sexual intercourse with anyone other than one's Eternal Mate leads to a slow, painful death within thirty days, love comes with the warning label "fall at your own peril."

Rain, the Healer of this immortal race, is the only exception to the rule. In order to harness and accumulate enough energy to heal severe wounds, she must take a Consort once every ten years and draw strength from his blood and body through sexual exchange. As the war with vampire hordes wears on, few Pure-males who are strong enough to serve as her Consort remain.

Valerius is one of the few. As the Protector of the race, he is by far the strongest candidate Rain could hope for. Despite their instant attraction ten years ago when they first met, Valerius has staunchly avoided applying to be the Healer's Consort. The brutality and violence he suffered as a Roman sex slave in his human life ate away at his soul, leaving a raw, gaping wound of anguish and self-doubt, which two thousand years of stoic, solitary existence has not been able to heal.

As the decadal rite draws near, as threats from their nemesis intensify, and as Rain's strength drains with every healing act, Valerius beats back his inner demons and gives himself to the Healer unconditionally. Rain chooses Valerius despite her fear that her desire and need for him would lead her to repeat the mistakes of the past with her first Consort. To avoid that tragedy, Rain stipulates from the beginning that Valerius cannot fall in love with her, for she cannot love him in return. Even though the consequence is death, this is the one promise Valerius cannot keep.

As Rain and Valerius battle their personal pain and fears, they must decide whether they let their histories and duties dictate their destiny or whether they risk all for a chance at everlasting love.

Kathy's Review:

So ... another book summary which doesn't quite encompass what the book is about. For starters, it fails entirely to mention Sophia, who is one of the main characters of the book and the queen of the Pure Ones. Yes, the story is mostly about Rain and Valerius, but Sophia has a pretty major plotline as well.

It took me a while to get into the flow of this novel. Sophia's scenes are a little bit lighthearted and youthful, discovering an attractive male, Ere in her class at Harvard. But then we're taken to the world of Valerius and Rain, and the writing is a little more reflective of these ancient beings than of a teenage girl. The switch between the two styles just threw me. Then it goes into some graphic sexual descriptions that I must admit made me blush just a bit. The Pure Ones as well as their vampire adversaries would definitely fit right in on True Blood with all the steamy scenes that take place. I'd say this is borderline erotica just because of these hot and detailed scenes.

I think the author did a good job with character development. The main characters are easy to get to know, as we know their innermost emotions, fears and at times, their pasts. Particularly Valerius. His backstory is important so you understand why he is the way he is. My only complaint about the characters is their emotions seem way out of whack. The Pure Ones are this evolved race - yet they still aren't in tune with their emotions. Rain and Valerius misread each other's facial expressions and body language and it causes them a lot of hurt and misery. Just seems to me like they'd be past the high school antics.

But I have to say, my favorite chapters were those with Sophia. Maybe it's because I could relate more to her than to the ancient ones. In fact, she almost seems not to fit in with this group - she's young, she doesn't really seem to have the kinds of powers the others have. Which is strange because she's their Queen. Also, I was eager to find out more about Ere; I had a feeling there was more to him than just a good looking guy, since he was also immediately drawn to her.

Last but not least is the cover .. Mee-yowwwww! Hello there sir, are you lost? Looks like you might need a shower. Let me help you ... Anyway, I think that is supposed to be Valerius. Well played, cover artist!

This book definitely isn't for everyone. It's racy, it's violent, it's long. But if you want a hot read while you're enjoying these last few days of summer, this will definitely fit the bill.

*An ecopy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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