Monday, January 23, 2012

Mandy Reviews - Bears, Recycling and Confusing Time Paradoxes: An Anthology of The Guide to Moral Living in Examples by Greg X. Graves

ISBN #: 978-1926959054
Page Count: 168
Copyright: April 1, 2011
Publisher: 1889 Labs Limited

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Do you want to recycle but aren't sure how? Are you concerned that a potential suitor may be a vampire? Have you attended a job interview only to be greeted by Hideous Telepathic Space-faring Lizardmen in Mansuits?

The Guide to Moral Living in Examples educates on these and many more common moral conundrums, offering bite-sized advice for nearly every improbably situation. Fueled by years of unintentional research on the connections between robotic bears, talking tattoos, and the best type of soap to remove irremovable rings, Greg X. Graves gives simple, friendly yet essential guidance on the twisted path to moral life. With an introduction by Brenton Harper-Murray and stunning illustrations by Jeff Bent, this anthology is a must-have for young and old aspiring moralists alike.

Mandy's Review:

This anthology was like a twisted version of Aesop's Fables. Each story ended with a moral ... most of which could not apply to normal human living. As far as entertainment value goes, though, they are humorous.

Here are a few examples of the morals:
  • If you encounter a bear in the woods, simply retreat to the nearest ship capable of interstellar travel.
  • Antibiotics, if taken for a non-bacterial infection, will backfire and create a man-sized prokaryote to kick your ass.
  • The future's gonna be awesome when everyone's riding dinosaurs.

The author's creativity and imagination shine in this collection of stories. And, even though I didn't care for it all that much, I would recommend this anthology to those who enjoy reading stories that are strange and not quite "right."

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