Monday, January 30, 2012

Kathy Reviews: Harry Wall's Man by John Leahy

(Taken from front of ebook)

Ridley Case is in a race against time to discover the secrets of a very strange apartment tower. Will he be able to save its residents before something terrible takes place?

Kathy's Review:

At just 50 pages, Harry Wall's Man, a novella that would be considered sci-fi/thriller is not going to take you very long to get through. Overall I'd say this is an intriguing concept - that a building made out of a mysterious material can move on its own using human power. The writing is average, nothing amazing. There are a few strange word usages that threw me - for instance, using the word "bonnet" to mean the trunk of a car (I think this is a British thing, but the story is set in L.A.). The true nature of what "The Man" is, is deliberately vague throughout the narration. I still am unclear as to the purpose of "The Man" or why it is moving. The story ends in a cliffhanger, so clearly there is meant to be a sequel. As short as Harry Wall's Man is, it definitely feels unfinished. I don't think I would tune in for the second book, but if this were a little bit longer I'd definitely like to see how this story is going to be resolved.

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