Friday, January 20, 2012

Charlene Reviews - Red: Daemon Moon Trilogy (Book One) by Jacqueline Kirk

ISBN #: 978-1466322578
Page Count: 204
Copyright: October 30, 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace

Book Summary:
(Taken from Smashwords)

Sarah was born a werewolf but raised in a human family, a much loved daughter. Resigned to be the only one in her little town that was truly different. Then suddenly everything changed. The hunkiest boy in school turns out to be a daemon, she learns about her real family and worst of all - the Deliverance Men have come to town and they want her dead!

Charlene's Review:

Sara is like most teenagers. She goes to school, has a few good friends that she hangs out with, and although she knows she is adopted, she couldn't be happier with her home life. She has a secret, though; Sara is a werewolf. Other than an over-sized appetite and the ability to run faster than other humans, she has always been able to blend in, but that is about to change.

Richard attends Sara's school and is the all-American boy crush. Good looking and friendly, he suddenly takes an interest in Sara. He knows her secret, and has his own. Richard Bailey is a daemon, and he has a message for Sara; she and her family are in danger. Centuries ago, the Church started a secret faction called Deliverance Men who were trained to find preternaturals and kill them. Sara is now their target. While she wrestles with the knowledge of her past, and the sudden changes she faces, her family and friends pull together to try to save her.

Red is the second novel I have reviewed by Jacqueline Kirk. Targeted toward the young adult genre, she captivates her readers with a real understanding of the workings of the young adult mind. She writes in a simplistic way but tackles exciting topics. Red was no exception. Sara's struggles of fitting in with her peers, trying to maintain a "normal" existence, and still be true to herself are all parallel to what young readers face every day. Add to that the popularity of all things vampire/werewolf related and Ms. Kirk has a possible runaway hit.

This was a nice quick read for me, at just over 200 pages. Long enough to weave a suspenseful, energetic story, and short enough to keep it light. I like the particular quirks of the characters, especially as we learn more about their individual secrets. Here's hoping Ms. Kirk sends me the next book, 'cause I'm ready for more!

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