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Charlene Reviews - The Dad Connection: A Bridge to Your Children by Scott Hanley

ISBN #: 978-1456352639
Page Count: 196
Copyright: November 8, 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace


Scott Hanley's journey as a single parent raising two boys is a wellspring of experience, advise and know-how. Using his own deeply personal notes on the process of raising his children, recorded as their lives unfolded, he determined that love and respect would be the simple base upon which he would build relationships. The Dad Connection: A Bridge to Your Children is Scott's understanding of love, respect, patience, energy, care, perspective, service and trust needed to build strong and deeply loving parent-child relationships. It is a life-altering lens through which to see, understand and love the relationship you have been blessed to receive.

Charlene's Review:

The Dad Connection was written from the experiences of a single father, Scott Hanley. As his boys were growing up, Mr. Hanley recorded his thoughts on cassette, and eventually, they led to this book. The basis of this work parallels the building of a bridge, in which the relationship between child and parent begins on a firm foundation, depends on a framework of supports, and bridges the distance between often opposing sides.

Mr. Hanley states that "the deepest relationships didn't just happen, they were built." The foundation for a bridge to our children is respect. The most important structural element is love. Although it seems very simple, as parents, we often get lost in the day-to-day, and forget how critical these elements are. I enjoyed reading the stories of Mr. Hanley's interactions with his sons, and the deep care that is evident in his writing. The letters included from his sons speak volumes into the connection they feel.

Although this book was aimed toward parenting, the basis here would work in any and all relationships we involve ourselves in. The Dad Connection is a sincere manual of how one man learned to treasure and reach out to the ones he loved most. The lessons included in this book would go a long way in healing what is wrong with our society. Were we all to focus on loving and respecting those we interact with every day, what a wonderful world it could be. While some of his ideals may not mesh with traditional parenting styles, I found it very useful and wish I could have read it before I became a parent. If you are a new parent, or just want a closer relationship, The Dad Connection is worth the read.

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