Thursday, January 12, 2012

CJ Reviews: Becoming by Marc Johnson

ISBN #: 978-1449012922
Page Count: 348
Copyright: January 6, 2010
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

They wake and find themselves alone in a world where dreams are tangible. Some find the world dark, some find it home, but all look into the dark uncertainty of it and find themselves lost. For them, Becoming is a beginning, and it is from this beginning that they each find themselves wandering a dark world looking for some trace of their former humanity, if it was ever there to begin with. The hero, Mahavir, finds himself conflicted between losing his own life for the human beings that he despises or simply leaving them behind. As he comes to know Joseph and his father and Lila and her brother, he struggles to move away from the fate that dreams have allotted to him and realizes that even the power of those dreams cannot take away his choice. Regardless of the strength of the nightmares that plague the world around him, he knows that it's only his decision that will determine the fate of men.

CJ's Review:

Oh my goodness, someone please help me out with this one! I don't know if I'm just slow or can't follow what a good book is supposed to look like or maybe Marc Johnson is so far ahead of me mentally and psychologically that I just can't comprehend his greatness. By page 3, I was so confused that I couldn't follow the smell of my own farts. I have no idea what the author intended for the beginning of this book, but if it was, "confuse the hell out of everyone that picks this up," then it worked.

The book seemed like mindless wanderings of about 18 different people, I don't think Rain Man could follow this plot line. I swear, if I pick up another book that starts this way, I'll stab my eyes with a rusty fork so I won't be able to see the damn thing. I struggled throughout the entire book, not even the occasional man/woman relations held my interest for long. I've really got nothing good to say about this work, except that it ends. There's your spoiler. Becoming was utterly painful.

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