Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: A Model Railway Man by Alain Gomez

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Story Summary:
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Working on his model railroad set is more than just a hobby for John Wilson, it's his desperate attempt to fix the ghosts of his childhood. But his obsession with his creation may have an unexpected side-effect...

Mandy's Review:


The graphics could've been a little better, but it does represent one of the main focal points in the story ... the model railway.

Plot/Main Characters

It's definitely not a plot that I ever remember reading before.  Basically, John is obsessed with his model railway creation.  Just when he thinks he's finished with it, there's something minute that he notices that can be added or corrected.  It's an obsessive compulsive nature that stems from one event in his childhood ... one he is consistently trying to make right through his obsession.

Will his wife allow the obsession to continue at the detriment to their marriage?


The ending was not something I expected and reminded me of the old Tales of the Crypt shows ... remember those?  Not scary, but something off-the-wall unexpected.  If you like a quick read (10 minutes max) that's slightly off-center of the norm, then this story is for you.

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