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Blog Tour/Review: Homefires by Emily Sue Harvey

ISBN #: 978-161188006-9
Page Count: 451
Copyright: 2011

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

Homefires is set in the Deep South's Bible Belt on the eve of unprecedented moral changes.  It is the story of Janeece and Kirk Crenshaw, a couple married just after their high school graduation who set out to make a life for themselves.  It is a life marked by surprises, none more dramatic than when Kirk receives his "high-calling" and becomes a pastor.  It is a life marked by tragedy, the most heart-rending of which is a devastating event very close to home.  And it is a life marked by challenges: to their church, to their community, and most decidedly to their marriage.  And as the fullness of time makes its impact on their union, Kirk and Janeece must face the question of whether they have gone as far as they can together.

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Mandy's Review:


I appreciate the fact that the author didn't try to depict Janeece or Kirk and, instead, chose a simple picture of a flower that grows prominently here in the South.


When the novel starts, the reader is introduced to present-day Janeece as she sits in the cemetery.  The novel then, told reminiscently in Janeece's voice, spans from Janeece and Kirk's high school graduation all the way through to their children's marriages.

The personal story of Janeece and Kirk just seemed so familiar ... probably because their relationship happened like a lot of ours does today.  Their interactions with the church and family seemed realistic as well, but there was something more present, more vivid, about their personal relationship that made one think ... "I know how she feels."

Main Characters

Janeece - Kirk's Wife - She was sweet, easy-going and naive ... naive, naive, naive ... I would've gladly shaken her several times while screaming "Are you kidding me?!!!  Wake up woman!!!"  Perhaps, though, that was her Christian nature.  No, Christians are not clueless ... although it is easy to see how they could be thought of that way.  I was so glad when this woman FINALLY grew a backbone!

Kirk - Janeece's Husband - Good ole Kirk ... He was a man's man.  He financially supported his wife while being able to squirrel away some savings for unforeseen circumstances.  His word was final.  He made the decisions in the household.  All I can say is, this man would not have made it as my husband.  I don't mind the man being head of the house, but his arrogance and occasional emotional cruelty made me want to slap the stew out of him.


Despite the author's almost obsessive love with italics, this novel encompassed a story that moved you.  It struck a chord within you that made you angry, laugh, cry ... it made you feel.  Isn't that what a story is supposed to do?

I would recommend this to readers who enjoy Christian authors/stories or novels that insert you into someone else's life and problems for awhile, making you forget your own.

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