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Review: Althea by Madeleine Robins

ISBN #: 978-1-61138-050-7
Page Count: 372
Original Copyright: 1977
Re-released: April 2011

Book Summary:
(Taken from

The dazzling whirl of London society delighted Althea Ervine. Having spent all her young life in the country, she was more than ready for the excitement of the city--and for the ardent attention of Edward Pendarly. As they spent more time together, Althea found herself growing extremely fond of Edward. She couldn't understand why Sir Tracy Calendar hinted that there was something wrong about Pendarly's courtship. Althea chose to ignore Sir Tracy's warnings. Then she learned the shocking truth about Edward--and something more shocking about Sir Tracy....

** I won this ebook in the March 2011 Early Reviewers giveaway over at LibraryThing **

Mandy's Review:


Remniscent of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens covers, this is a standard portrayal of a lady during the Romantic era in early London.


Althea leaves her father's home and travels to London to stay with her married sister.  While there, she is introduced to the ton and receives the attention of several suitors ... one of whom asks for her hand in marriage.  She believes the marriage proposal is given out of necessity and not love.  What then ensues is a whole lot of misunderstanding which ends, as these stories tend to do, happily.  =)

Main Characters

Althea - She is not the insipid, weak-minded woman so prevelant during those times.  Althea speaks her own mind and can think for herself.  She is strong-willed and can fend for herself, if need be.

Edward - Some would say Edward is duplicitous and sneaky.  He seeks the attentions of Althea when it should not be convenient for him to do so.  Then, when he is found out, he admits no wrong-doing on his behalf and, instead, pushes the blame off on others.

Tracy - Definitely a ladies man.  He enjoys his freedom and does not think he will ever propose matrimony to a lady because the lady he searches for does not exist ... or so he thinks.  He is wealthy and, therefore, a gentleman that mothers and aunts push their daughters towards.  He enjoys the social circle and able to come and go as he pleases.


This novel is a combination of repressed emotions, formal upbringing and propriety that was so common during those times.  It is a wonderful escape into a romantic world so many wish was still prevelant today.  If you enjoy reading Jane Austen, I believe you would also enjoy Althea by Madeleine Robins.

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