Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Davi (Tales of Suruale #1) by Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods

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Book Summary:
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Humans and dwarfs have been at odds for generations. When human blacksmith Davi is sent to the Dwarven King to reopen the local trade routes, he finds himself more at home with his enemies than he ever did with his own kind.

Charlie's Review:

Davi is a story that weaves together the human and dwarf worlds. An orphan of a human blacksmith, the main character, Davi, is an outcast in his village. Several townsmen decide to send him to the dwarven palace to persuade the King to reopen trade routes to their village. Upon arriving at the palace of Kronthor, Davi quickly gains the dwarves interest with his skills as a smith, and their respect for his earnest workmanship. In the process, Davi finds a belonging that he never had in his human world, and also a cause to fight for.  Ultimately, he finds his own worth.

A mix of mythical creatures, racial tolerance, and dry humor, this story makes for a quick, pleasant read. I hazard even to call it a book of life lessons, as the dwarfs struggle with acceptance of their new tall friend, and Davi struggles to forge his true identity.

The first in a series, I can only look forward to what comes next in the Tales Of Suruale.

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