Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Tour/Review: Revelations by Laurel Dewey

ISBN #: 978-098419055-3
Page Count: 479
Copyright: 2011

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

The small, upscale Colorado town of Midas had barely registered on Sergeant Detective Jane Perry's radar before her former boss and current colleague told her she needed to join him there for a case.  All she knew was that it was a long way from Denver - both in terms of physical distance and sensibility.  Jake Van Gorden, the fifteen-year-old son of a prominent area businessman, has disappeared, and all signs point to his abductor being Jordan Copeland, a man who committed a similar crime decades ago.  There are indications that Jake is still alive, so the clock is ticking, but as Jane investigates Copeland, she begins to have doubts about his guilt.  And at the same time, she begins to uncover trails of devastating - and even deadly - secrets all around Midas.

Meanwhile, Jane must deal with two considerable secrets of her own.  One hits her like a left cross before she leaves Denver, and the other creeps up on her from the most unlikely of places.  On top of this, Hank Ross, owner of a bar in Midas, has somehow managed to find a way beneath Jane's armor-plated defenses, forcing her to contend with feelings she hasn't allowed to surface for a very long time.

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Mandy's Review:


The starkness of the leafless trees against a darkening sky casts a somber mood over the reader preparing them for another dramatic episodic glimpse into Jane Perry's life.


This is my second Jane Perry novel that I've read and Laurel Dewey does not disappoint.  She goes beyond remaining consistent with her writing and has improved upon previous novels with Revelations ... not that there was much to improve upon, mind you.

The novel is suspenseful as well as mysterious.  There's a touch of the paranormal mixed in with the crime-solving action that takes place ... and, FINALLY, Jane allows herself to get in touch with her softer side.  It was a wonderful addition and side-plot.

Main Characters

Jane - She's still the hard, kick-ass detective that she was in previous novels, but this time we get to see Jane's somewhat softer side.  She seems to be wrapped up in secrets upon secrets where her past and family is concerned.  Jane is smart, intuitive and extremely observant.

Weyler - Jane's former boss, now equal.  He has a history of covering for and taking care of Jane when she needs it most.  Weyler is extremely loyal and a man of his word.

Hank - Sexy, ex-cop who owns a bar and member of a band.  He automatically sees through Jane's "tough girl" act and is extremely patient and understanding with her.  Hank appears to be the yin to Jane's yang.


I don't know if Laurel Dewey is as widely known as Dean Koontz or James Patterson, but if she isn't she is definitely able to hold her own against the big boys.  Her Jane Perry novels are written skillfully and engagingly making you constantly wonder what is going to happen next.

I highly recommend this novel, as well as the first two Jane Perry novels (Protector and Redemption) to mystery-lovers world-wide.

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