Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Doctor Fleischer by Alain Gomez

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Story Summary:
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The Space Hotel Series continues from the viewpoint of Dr. Agatha Fleischer. Aliens made Dr. Fleischer an offer she couldn't refuse: unlimited resources for her research... and no ethics laws to speak of. A dream come true for the overly ambitious doctor. But will her atrocious acts in the name of science go unpunished?

Mandy's Review:


Futuristic-looking and slightly creepy ... I like it.  =)

Plot/Main Characters

Well, we meet Doctor Fleischer in the first story of the Space Hotel Series, Celebrity Space.  She is still just as self-serving as ever.  She does have a passion for science and her new bosses are using that passion for their own good.  They allow her to work within her own timetable, which Doctor Fleischer loves.

Will Doctor Fleischer get the recognition she feels she deserves?  Are her new bosses more self-serving than she ever thought of being?


I liked this story and I love the ending.  I was hoping something like that would happen! =)  This is a perfect continuation of Celebrity Space, although I still have questions whose answers were implied but never given outright.

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