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Review: Flight of the Silver Vixen by Annalide Matichei

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Book Summary:
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The Flight of the Silver Vixen is an all-girl space adventure that is at once an action-packed thriller and an exploration of philosophical themes.

It begins with a group of wild teenagers from an all-girl planet hijacking a spacecraft and accidentally warping to the other side of the galaxy.

It proceeds through deadly battles with space pirates to a landing on another all-girl world where we rapidly discover that something much darker than mere pirates is threatening civilization on many planets.

Mandy's Review:


A universal, perhaps intergalactic, symbol for females, a picture of a lady's face in the center of the symbol, backdrop of outer space ... all of these combine to make a unique-looking, but aptly depicted, cover for this novel.


A group of "rebels" play a practical joke and take a spaceship-prototype on a joyride into outer space.  During their trip, they are pursued by those who wish to bring them back home.  The captain then makes a decision that will alter the lives of everyone on board and force them into maturing faster than they anticipated.

There are two sexes in this novel: blondes and brunettes.  The blondes are the weaker, more feminine sex that are usually taken care of by the brunettes.  The brunettes seem to be the decision-makers (with the exception of the Royal Bloodline, which can be blonde) and in control of situations.  I am curious, though, how these people reproduce with no males around.

Main Characters

Princess Mela - A blonde - The highest-ranking of the Silver Vixen's crew.  She is a princess of the Blood Imperial.  She's young, but inherently wise ... a result of her bloodline, no doubt.

Antala - A brunette - Captain of the Silver Vixen.  She often makes quick, rash decisions.  Those decisions, though, are a characteristic of any captain and are usually the correct course of action for her crew.


Unique, interesting, engaging, realistic action sequences (as real as a fiction sci-fi novel can get) ... I, a person who is not even remotely interested in most things sci-fi, was drawn into this novel.  I really enjoyed it and want to know what's going to happen next.  I would recommend this novel to those who enjoy reading about feisty independent women or who just enjoy sci-fi.

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