Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{Review} Once Upon A Moscow Night by Judith McGuinness

ISBN #: 978-1605949055
Page Count: 232
Copyright: May 2, 2012
Publisher: Llumina Press

(Taken from back cover)

Kate Barnes loves all things Russian, so she is thrilled when she finally gets to vacation in Moscow. The last thing that she expects to encounter while on tour, however, is the charming and wealthy Viktor Cherkasov.

When Viktor Cherkasov runs into Kate, it is love at first sight. He has just ten days to overcome the differences between them that threaten their relationship before Kate returns home and he loses her forever.

Complicating things is Viktor's son, Alexei. He will stop at nothing to drive Kate and Viktor apart for fear she will steal his father's fortune.

Charlene's Review:

Once Upon A Moscow Night is the epitome of "happily-ever-after." Kate, a 24 year old woman who has always dreamed of Russia, is finally taking the vacation of her dreams. Swept up in the beauty and architecture of Moscow, Kate literally runs into Viktor on a busy street. Viktor, much older and an important business man, is taken aback by Kate's demeanor, and much out of his character, puts aside his work, and a relationship begins. With only a few days to get to know each other, they begin a heated affair that catches them both off guard. When Viktor's over-indulged son, Alexei, meets Kate, he fears losing the family riches and does his best to send Kate back to America, without his father's love.

Intermingling nuggets of Russian history with a spicy May-December romance, Once Upon A Moscow Night takes the reader to a whole new world. Picturesque settings and playful dialogue are just a part of the magic, as the powerful connection between Kate and Viktor takes center stage, despite its unlikely pairing. This book leaves you with a case of the warm fuzzies. If you are a hopeless romantic begging for a happy ending, this is the book for you.

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