Saturday, July 28, 2012

{Review} Loving Trixie Fine by Beth Henderson & Letty James

ISBN #: 978-1105121852
Page Count: 214
Copyright: October 15, 2011

(Taken from Amazon)

Baby Boomer Dr. Beatrice Fine has spent the past decade working to concoct a youth restorer cream that will put the competition in the shade. This brings her to the attention of industrial spies who attempt to kill her as well as steal her formula. Then a miracle happens. Her creation saves her -- alters her -- turning back her physical clock thirty years and giving her another chance to have the sort of life she barely dared to dream of in her youth, much less middle age.

A combination fantasy, adventure, romantic suspense tale with a lot of humor AND main characters of an age not usually associated with tales of romance, much less the sort that deserves a warning -- which this one does -- that detailed erotic love scenes are included. From the pens of tame romance writer Beth Henderson and erotic romance writer Letty James, Loving Trixie Fine is planned to be just the first adventure featuring their dauntless scientist heroine.

Charlene's Review:

When Beatrice Fine, a distinguished chemist, is nearly blown up in her lab, her assistant, Zack Ashcroft comes to her rescue. Decades her junior, Ashcroft takes her into his home to protect her from the spies that blew up her lab in an attempt to steal her secret youth restorer, ER-6900. Having been accidentally submerged in ER-6900 during the ordeal, Bea suddenly finds her body and appearance changing, as well as her libido. Suddenly, her young assistant and her can't keep their hands off each other, which they must do in order to solve the crime and re-introduce her to the world of the living.

Loving Trixie Fine is a suspenseful, engaging, clever, and erotic novel. Starting immediately with an action-filled scene, it goes quickly from that moment on, teasing the reader with intelligent characters, seduction, and the chase to find the bad guy. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters of Bea/Trixie and Zack, that despite their age difference very definitely have some REAL chemistry going on. Their witty banter is especially enjoyable, as is their new-found love for each other. With the addition of a bad guy that you love to hate, industrial espionage is played out at its best, and worst.

A fun read that focuses on something every woman at some time dreams of; a youthful body with the advantage of keeping life experience. Far-fetched, maybe, but if ER-6900 ever came on the market, I'd be willing to give it a try! This is a well-rounded story, with a naughty little sideline. I can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead for Bea and Zack.

*A physical copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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