Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{Review} Angel by Sebastian Michael

ISBN #: 978-1409229009
Page Count: 308
Copyright: March 17, 2012

(Taken from jacket cover)

Angel is the story of Damion, a boy who is so beautiful that everybody falls in love with him. This, his greatest advantage in life, gradually turns into his heaviest burden and so as he reaches adulthood, Damion, in an act half wanton, half heroic, destroys what for most people - but not for him - has come to define his essence. - A classic tale of a young man in search of his destiny.

Charlene's Review:

From the first days of his birth, Damion has an unimaginable beauty; such is his beauty that all who behold him are mesmerized at first sight, often likening him to an angel. A reserved young man, he accepts this without question, but is occasionally drawn to people in impulsive sexual encounters.

As he longs to be seen beyond his beauty, he makes a split decision that will change everything about him, and how others perceive him.

This is a haunting story. Written in a polished, formal manner with an almost lilting prose, the words are nearly as beautiful as the character of Damion. The characters are explained in detail and with great care, especially in how they relate to Damion and his "gift." As the story unfolds we see how having been blessed with this angelic appearance, Damion struggles with true meaning. After a horrific accident leaves him disfigured, he begins to search for his true identity, through his "book of empty pages."

An eye-opening look at society's obsession with pretty people, and how, possibly, we are doing them a huge disservice. A tragic novel, resonating with emotion, Angel may very well change how you choose to view others.

*A physical copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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