Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Review} Be Not Afraid by K. R. Morrison

ISBN #: 978-1462852222
Page Count: 221
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

War is imminent. Evil has overtaken the world, although the world does not know it. God must intervene on the behalf of those who love Him, and a war is brewing that will decide supremacy.

God's plan unfolds, and His subjects must retain their faith in the midst of every evil the Father of Lies can throw at them. Lydia, because of her strong faith, is particularly seized upon by Vlad, a demonic vampire. He brings her to the brink of despair, unknowingly causing her to cling even harder to her Lord and Savior. When she is miraculously saved, Vlad finds and then harasses her friends and family, unaware of the angels and saints who are on the brink of attack against him and his minions.

The faithful are tested to the ends of their abilities. Will they be able to stand fast against the power of Death, remembering that God is with them? Or will the Father of Lies rise triumphant?

Mandy's Review:

I was really hoping to enjoy this book. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I was okay with the vampire/demon creature. It was a little weird, but I appreciate uniqueness so I accepted it. I was okay with the religious aspect of the book being based in Catholicism. Personally, I'm not Catholic, but I'm sort of familiar with Catholicism due to my husband and majority of my in-laws being Catholic.

So, what wasn't I okay with?

First, we're told the main character, Lydia, has a deep-rooted faith in God. She even has Bible verses posted in her work cubicle. When she's confronted with evil, though, she's as weak as a newborn babe. Surely someone presumed to be so deep in her faith would be stronger than that?! She wasn't and it irked me.

Then, we meet Vlad. At first, he seems like a quiet threat and dangerous. He quickly became annoying and unable for me to take seriously. It may not actually be so, but sitting here and reflecting back, it just seems that he kept saying the same trite things repeatedly. Sorry, Vlad, but you no longer intimidate me.

Finally, we meet Lydia's family. They seemed fairly realistic and quickly accepting of the situation Lydia became involuntarily involved in.

Here's what really seemed to annoy me about the whole thing: After Lydia escaped Vlad, Trudy started experiencing some of the same incidents yet they both chalked it up to mosquito bites! Seriously?!!! Lydia had just escaped a freakin' vampire/demon creature, who bit her and drank her blood repeatedly, and she hears her daughter has been continuously bitten by "mosquitos" and she's not going to find that a little strange?!! COME ON!!!

Overall, I would not read this book again and I would not recommend it to anyone. It is not a well thought-out story. Perhaps the only audience that might potentially find this book the least bit enthralling and scary would be pre-teens. Other than that, don't waste your time.

*A copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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