Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Pilgrimage of Love by Anaiya Aon Prakasha

ISBN #: 978-1460963937
Page Count: 502
Copyright: 2011

Book Summary:

Does "The One" truly exist?

This is the question that Scarlett O'Shea attempts to answer in this passionate, inspiring, and life-changing story of finding her Beloved.  As she travels around the world calling in "The One," an orchestra of events is set in motion that brings about their destined meeting.  Along the way, she discovers that her Beloved (who is a well-known International "spiritual" teacher) is far more demanding than her international celebrity yoga lifestyle could have ever imagined.  With flames licking at her heels, he invites Scarlett to leave her old life behind so she can fulfill her desire to know what happens when you say "Yes!" to love, no matter what the cost!  Ride the twists and turns of this roller coaster in this hilarious, irresistibly romantic, and soulful journey.  Pilgrimage of Love is a tale that will have you believing in love all over again.

Charlene's Review:

Pilgrimage of Love is an autobiographical story of a woman that is searching for her "beloved," someone more closely matched than a soul mate.  The book spells out all the steps one must take to find one's own "beloved," and the total surrender of one's self that is required.  Steeped in eastern religious views and meditations, Pilgrimage of Love was at once, fascinating, while being a tad too foreign for my comfort.

The lessons Prakasha believes in have some valid truths, such as facing past hurts and those things that hold us back, and making peace with them, in order to move on.  The notion that there is one soul who can make a woman complete is a beautiful thought, but the things Scarlett O'Shea put up with for her beloved are just short of domestic abuse.  She believes that such sacrifices make her a better person, which might be true, but I found it to be painful to witness.

The end of the book holds step-by-step directions on how to heal old wounds and prepare yourself for "the one."  If you are a believer of eastern spirituality, or open to its teaching, you will thoroughly enjoy this tale.  I found it to be a slightly lengthy read, with lots of heart and soul.  I may not be ready for this type of mysticism, but it was entertaining.

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