Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: One Voice Too Many by Paul Martin Midden

ISBN #: 978-1463413262
Page Count: 436
Copyright: 2011


Do we really know each other? Jeremy Walker seemed like a decent human being: hardworking, independent, intelligent. But he has a past that he can not quite shake and a terrible secret that only he knew. Despite a history of rocky relationships, he was determined to make a success of his relationship with Macy, an attractive woman who was similarly smart and independent. Will he succeed? The obstacles loom large.

Charlene's Review:

Jeremy Walker thinks he finally found the one woman that he can have a successful relationship with. Macy seems to bring out the best in him, and her daughter, Taylor, completes the picture of a perfect family. Unfortunately, Jeremy has a secret that has followed him into the marriage.  The Voice, a mysterious entity that speaks to him when he's all alone. It's telling him to do things that he doesn't understand. It eventually costs him all he's worked so hard to control.

Mr. Midden, a practicing psychologist, takes us into the mind of a very troubled man. An intense thriller, it kept me captivated to the end. At times it seemed a bit too erudite for every day reading, but it is put together in such a way as to explain, if the reader just hangs on and pays attention. The premise seemed to be that you can never really know someone, and some secrets take on a life of their own. Jeremy's struggle for normalcy adds desperation, while the character-driven plot gives it a sentimental quality. The stand-out character is The Voice, though quiet in the background throughout much of the story, it speaks the loudest.

Engaging, suspenseful and entertaining!

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