Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: In the Dunes by John Leahy

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Book Summary:
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When his friend vanishes into the sand dunes by a remote Irish golf course, Neil Marshall is mystified and worried.  Rejecting the local advice never to explore the beach alone, Neil is determined to discover the truth about his friend's fate.  What horror lurks in the dunes?

Mandy's Review:


I like the lettering for the word 'Dunes.'  It's incompleteness is interesting to look at.  Other than that, I would say the cover art aptly portrays the setting of this short tale.


Two guys, best friends, are on vacation in Ireland playing golf.  There are warning signs around the dunes warning golfers, mostly, not to go in that particular area alone.  The signs imply there is quicksand in the area, but there's a danger worse than quicksand in the dunes.

Main Characters

Cliff - Neil's best friend - He is retired and happily married ... although he still occasionally shows his appreciation of the female form.

Neil - Cliff's best friend - He is happily married with an irresponsible son.


Definitely a quick read, but well worth the time.  What you think is a short story about two guys playing golf, turns into a Hitchcockianesque (yes, I just made that up) tale perfect for the spooky month of October.

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