Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review- Clarice: Her Journey Through Life by Harriet Maxwell

ISBN #: 978-1456777500
Page Count: 208
Copyright: 2011


Clarice is a country girl with an open heart, looking forward to life in the big city, with no idea of the hard knocks that await her ... but she learns to deal with them all in her way, a secret way. When she meets Terry, the love of her life, everything falls into place, but the predictions of Odessa, a Fortune teller lurk in the back of her mind. What did she mean by saying 'There is someone else in the shadows. He moves in and out of the distance in a strange way.' The words haunt Clarice, and in the end their meaning becomes unnervingly clear ...

Charlene's Review:

Throughout this novel, we follow Clarice, as she struggles to deal with her dysfunctional family life, and her personal secret. When things become too difficult, food is her private comfort, and the need to control her addiction results in a life-long eating disorder. In an attempt to make sense of her journey, she consults a fortune teller, and not until the very end of life as she dreamt it, does the mysterious message make sense.

Clarice is a study in body image, psychological teachings, and the story of a woman looking for love and acceptance. At just over 200 pages, it is packed with plot. While there are many grammatical, and typographical errors, the story is well worth overlooking them. Anyone can identify with the struggles Clarice faced. From eating disorders and alcoholism, to spirituality, and the war on terror, Ms. Maxwell faces it all, head-on, and writes an emotional story of a less than perfect life. The ending takes on its own life, as we see that some answers to our largest problems are right in front of us all the time.

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