Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Chop Suey by Ty Hutchinson

ISBN #: 978-1461138587
Page Count: 378
Copyright: 2011


When disgraced sales associate Darby Stansfield discovers he has six months to save his job, he does what any normal person would do. He freaks.

Desperate to resurrect his career at Teleco Wireless, he conjures up an international scheme filled with the promise of endless high-spending clients. It's brilliant, it's successful, and it involves doing business with organized crime.

But soon those closest to him find themselves caught up in his dangerous plan, and one of these unknowingly has the power to destroy him. Darby must now make a tough decision - give up on the one good idea he ever had or risk it all.

This is the crazy life of Darby Stansfield, telecommunications consultant to the underworld.

Charlene's Review:

Darby Stansfield finds himself in a seemingly dead-end job, unless he can come up with a new "Darbytastic" idea that can raise his sales and send him to the upper levels. While procrastinating on job leads, Darby heads to his favorite Chinese restaurant, Mr. Fu's. While dining on his standard Chop Suey, Darby finds out that Mr. Fu used to belong to a gang. And thus begins his journey into the underworld.

This Chop Suey really has it all. Humor, romance, murder, suspense, interesting characters, and a well-written plot line. Darby is a somewhat lazy salesman, looking to break into the big time. His crazy ideas usually get him into trouble, but you can't help but like the poor guy. This is a story that takes place on many levels at the same time, but the plot is so flawless you never lose track of what is going on. Intriguing characters fill this novel, and his ability to mix humor and serial killings in the same text is genius. This is the best thriller I believe I have ever read. Kept me glued to the end, and wondering what good ol' Darby will get into in the next book. I will definitely keep my eye on Ty Hutchinson. Darbytastic book!

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  1. Hi Charlene,

    Thank you for the wonderful review. The next Darbytastic book is titled, Stroganov. I expect it to be published at the end of November, 2011.

    Ty Hutchinson


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