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Review: Weaver of Darkness by Melissa L. Webb

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Book Summary:
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When evil comes for the ones you love, who will you choose to be?

Liss Taylor always suspected she was a little different than other people, between the nightmares of desolate wastelands and the tattoo of an arrow she was born with; but when one of Liss' friends dies at the teeth of a Raggedy Ann doll as a warning to her, she knows she is anything but normal.

Armed with knowledge instilled from the past, Liss pushes forward with the aid of her high school friends, two five-hundred year old Druids and a heroic shape shifter. As an old god stirs, Liss realizes she has faced its summoner before. Can Liss release her powers from within and stop this evil before it claims humanity as it own?

Mandy's Review:


Definitely disturbing, but I like it.  The spruceness of the title's lettering with the little flourishes set atop the slight creepiness of the cover art presents a nice contrast.


For me, the book started off reminding me of a cross between I Know What You Did Last Summer, Chucky and Scream.  It did get better as I kept reading.

Minus the prologue, this book starts off common enough: boyfriend and girlfriend walking home from school with friends talking about what they're going to do that night.  Then the freakiness hits the proverbial fan ...

Without giving away spoilers, I will say this novel contains twins who represent good and evil, a loyal servant/protector to the good twin, ghosts, shapeshifters, witches, demons, gods, delusions, love, human sacrifice ... this novel has it all.

Main Characters

Melissa - An only child stuck in a home with parents who are too busy for her.

Jerry - Melissa's boyfriend and son of the town's sheriff.  He does everything he can to protect her.

Hunter - He has vowed to protect Melissa at all costs no matter the circumstance.  He's wise, mysterious, strong, loyal and faithful.

Mark - New kid in school who befriends Melissa and seems to take a personal interest in her.  Will he come between Melissa and Jerry?


This novel has a lot of familiar aspects (especially to an avid reader), but they're written in a style that is different and engaging.  I would recommend this to any fantasy and mystery lovers.


  1. Sounds like a great book, and I definitely love the cover! Thanks for the review. :)

  2. Thanks for the great review, Mandy. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Thank you for taking the time to include Weaver of Darkness in your blog. :)


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