Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: Five Second Fiction, Volume One by Al Bruno III

Word Count: 3,870 (approximately)
Copyright: 2011

(Taken from Smashwords)

What are these two hundred totally twitterable tales? Are they jokes? Are they super-small stories for people on the go? You decide!

Mandy's Review:

This was definitely a quick read.  Each story was 140 characters or less ... easily shareable on Twitter.  Some of them I didn't understand, but the majority were intriguing, funny and witty.  This was certainly a book one could read for frivolity and fun.


  1. We seem to be speeding everything up.

  2. Hey, did you ever finish your banned book reviews? I was just wondering =) I was looking back and the last one i found was the Goosebumps one, and then you started doing those reviews for the publisher Bethany House Reviews (or something like that =/) I was just curious about what you thought about the other banned books! Okay well nice reviews! TTYL!

    <3 April

  3. Ann - I agree wholeheartedly

    April - No, not yet. I am committed to quite a few reviews right now for authors & publishers that I do not have the time to read any books off the banned book list. I am making it my goal that, before the year is out, I will get back to reading the banned books AND the books on the 1001 Books to read before I die.

    I don't mind providing reviews to authors and publishers, but I am really wanting to get back to my lists. =)

  4. Hahaha. Yeah, I understand that! I was just curious because I was interested in your reviews on those books =) One day I would like to read them as well. BUt I have a few I'm trying to finish myself =)

    Good luck with all of the reviews you owe to authors =D


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