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Review: The Second Fly Caster by Randy Kadish

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Book Summary:
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Erik, a young boy, is proud that his father, the winner of several state championships, is probably the greatest long distance fly caster on earth. But then a threatening prelude and an unexpected outcome of a casting tournament leave Erik reeling with unanswered questions about what once seemed to be only a sport.

These questions linger and then, years later, deepen when Erik’s idealistic plans and actions are crushed when he experiences combat in the Vietnam War. He struggles, unsuccessfully, with his demons, until a seemingly accidental discovery lead him back to the ways and new meanings of fly casting. Through their prism Erik learns to see himself and the world in a forgiving light.

Mandy's Review:


The man fly-casting on the cover could be either a depiction of a grown-up Erik or the depiction of Erik's father during Erik's younger years.


This is a short story layered in meaning.  We begin thinking we know everything there is to know, but then we learn of Erik's father's past and his reason for fly-casting.  This helps us to get a better understanding of the family dynamics between Erik and his parents.

Then, after Erik grows up, goes off to war and returns again, the art of fly-casting becomes Erik's respite from the demons he brought back with him from the war.  As he's mastering this art, the realizations of his father's past come upon Erik bringing with it understanding, forgiveness and peace.

Main Characters

Erik's Father - A veteran who uses alcohol to cope.  He can become mean while under an alcoholic rage (don't most people).  When he finds fly-casting, though, he uses that as his therapy to deal with his PTSD and becomes great at it.

Erik - Idolizes his father and his fly-casting abilities.


This was a short story that has a big impact.

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