Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review - Grip: A Memoir of Fierce Attractions by Nina Hamberg

This book is scheduled to be released on July 20, 2011.  You can click here to visit the author's website to read the first chapter.

Book Summary:
(Taken from author's website)

Set in San Francisco in the 1970s, Grip is the true story of how an eighteen-year-old fends off a stalker with just her wits. She goes on to become the toughest female martial artist in her karate school, an early advocate for women’s rights, and a residential counselor for troubled teenage boys.

For her, the best way to make her world safe is to seek out threats and face them head-on. Even in personal relationships, this five-foot fighter is drawn to men with volatile tempers, men like her father. But her strategy of confronting danger doesn’t free her from her past — it creates a wake of greater destruction. Only by marshaling the strength to be vulnerable can she discover intimacy and love.

Charlene's Review:

Nina Hamberg grew up learning that it isn’t safe to trust men. From early memories of her parents explosive arguments to an attack by an armed intruder, Ms. Hamberg set out to prove herself in a male-dominated world. Grip is a story of a girl wandering aimlessly through life amid broken relationships, violent obsessions, and a strong will to survive.

As a survivor of a violent crime, myself, I related to her struggle to overcome what happened to her and learn to trust again. A poignant memoir filled with hope and, finally, a happy ending. I recommend this book, especially, to all those who have been a victim of violence.


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