Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: Eat Your Peas Daughter by Cheryl & Mom Karpen

ISBN #: 978-1-4041-8983-6
Page Count: Approximately 75
Copyright: 2011

Book Summary:
(From the back cover)

Between the covers of this tender little book are words to grace the relationship between mother and daughter.

They are words of affirmation and praise, encouragement and love.

But most of all, a promise ... a promise to be there whether going through joyful times or painful setbacks.

It's a 3-minute celebration giving voice to a mom's love and gladness to a daughter's heart.

My Review:


It's bright, colorful, girly and really draws your eye to it when you see it in person.


Like the summary said, it's a book of affirmations for a person's daughter.  They are uplifting, positive and touching.


Surprise!  You, the reader, are the character.  The narrator is speaking to you as you read.


When I first saw this book, (sent to me from the great people at BookSneeze) I thought it would be for little girls below the age of 7 or 8.  However, when I started reading it, I could picture my own mother giving this book to me ... and I'm over 30!  I loved this book.  I like that it's part of a series.  I like that it's positive and uplifting.  It made me say "Aawww..." a few times while reading ... and it really is a 3-minute book (unless you read fast).  I would recommend this book to all the mothers, aunts, grandmothers, etc. to give to their special girl family member.

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