Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Blue-eyed in Luhya-land by Gunilla Fagerholm

Blue-eyed in Luhya-land
ISBN-10: 1907756590
ISBN-13: 978-1907756597
Page Count: 378
Copyright: 2010

(Taken from back cover)

A rather normal middle class Swedish couple in their fifties left their suburban life in Sweden in search of something new - a contrast to the secure Swedish Welfare State.  They sold their small house, packed their belongings in a shipping container, and left Sweden behind.  They went to Africa.

This book tells the true story of how they, during five years, lived as the only Europeans in a small village at the edge of one of the last rainforests in Kenya.  They moved from a stressed life to a simple one, a clay hut on a maize field in Western Kenya, without any of the modern conveniences.  On their own, they built a small rainforest hotel as the start of a new life.  But life turned out difficult; corruption, tribal traditions and witchcraft hindered the blue-eyed couple in their efforts to help the suffering villagers.

The story reflects this turbulent time with a lot of positive and negative experiences, arising in the meeting of contrasting cultures and traditions; Swedish meeting tribal Kenyan.

My Review:


I love the colors and photo editing on this cover.  It has drawn me in since the first time I looked at it.


This is a very in-depth look at two people's new lives in a strange country.  I was amazed at the situations that took place in the lives of Bertil and Gunilla while they lived in Kenya.  These two individuals have to be made of strong fortitude and a determination that won't quit.  There is no way that I would have lived five years in the same place going through all of the stress and worry they did.


Gunilla is the author and one of the people whose story is written in this book's pages.  To make the decision to leave home and live in a foreign land (Kenya) is admirable.

Bertil is Gunilla's husband and lived with her in Kenya.  He is Gunilla's calming influence and support system ... although there are times when he gets upset enough to speak and act out.


Blue-eyed in Luhya-land is a very enlightening look into what life is/could be like in Kenya for outsiders.  I would recommend this to those who enjoy reading about other countries and ways of life.

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