Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Do the Speak by Rick Boven

Kindle ASIN #: B004MDLNF2
Page Count: 52
Copyright: 2010

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

DO THE SPEAK looks into the mind of a young and accomplished artist finding his place in life and in the creative realm. A unique memoir piece, the book recounts a fractured narrative of the early artistic endeavors of filmmaker and author Rick Boven through a series of paintings he sent out into the world. Boven seeks connection and validation by mailing this artwork to anyone he can find…and reaching unexpected and oftentimes humorous conclusions.

The book opens in early 2006, at a point when Boven has lost his artistic identity. At the crossroads of adult life, he’s having difficulty convincing himself that the cartoons he has drawn since grade school hold merit now, into adulthood. Compounding this insecurity was a longing for other artistic passions including acting, film, and literature; but if his cartoons are unimportant, won’t his films and writings follow suit?

In the midst of his preoccupation with women, substances, and all forms of escape, Boven mails people paintings. Random people. People he has met once at a party. People he has known for ten years. Celebrities and artists he admires. It’s through this accidental project thrust onto others that a clear portrait of the artist comes into focus. DO THE SPEAK is an honest examination of the struggle with identity, the validity of expression, and the decisions of adulthood. Boven’s journey underlines the universal question: Do you like what you see in the mirror?

My Review:


I like that the cover looks like a framed blank canvas which will be filled with the artwork inside.


I wouldn't say there's a plot, per se.  This book is more of a memoir depicting pieces of the author's life with the artwork being a portrayal of said moment.


The main character is the author himself, who is also the narrator.  Through each story you can catch a glimpse of who the author is.


I loved the artwork in this book.  The author is extremely talented.  The stories that go with each artwork are an often humorous peek into the author's past.  I don't know that this book would educate anyone, but it definitely is an entertaining read.  I would recommend Do the Speak to those who like something different and quirky.  =)

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