Sunday, September 1, 2013

{Review} Silk Armor by Claire Sydenham

ISBN #: 978-0615774749
Page Count: 352
Copyright: April 30, 2013
Publisher: Old Harbour Press

Book Description:
(Taken from Amazon)

Her name is Didem, a young Turkish woman. She has managed to escape the hopeless future she faced in her village, and has entered university. There she meets Victor, an American instructor teaching English. When they become lovers, however, Didem is propelled into an entirely new and dangerous future. The obstacles and threats their relationship faces leads Didem and Victor into plans of escape, an escape Didem must keep secret.

Silk Armor follows her adventure through her battles with her community, her culture, her traditions and conscience, leading to her realization that though these battles may be lost her war can still be won.

Charlene's Review:

Silk Armor is a powerful story of cultural ties, veiled existence, and deep-seated beliefs. Focusing on Didem, a student, and her love affair with her American instructor, Ms. Sydenham takes us on a journey through another country where religion and familial ties are a burden holding a young girl back from her dreams. Adding into the plot is a disappearance of another student and an in-depth explanation of a foreign culture.

What struck me the most in Silk Armor was the haunted characters. All of Ms. Sydenham's characters have secrets, burdens, or a calling that they are in battle against. As they struggle between their circumstance and their pull towards "more," they learn what they may gain, or lose, in order to break away.

*A physical copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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