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Kathy Reviews: Resurrection Flowers by H. C. Turk

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Copyright: January 8, 2009
Publisher: H. C. Turk

Book Summary:
(Taken from Smashwords)

A construction worker named Rod Hill is killed only to be found alive the next day. Doctors consider his revival miraculous. He becomes enormously famous as the Resurrected Man. Aided by his followers, Rod travels the world to discover the truth of his return from the dead. Upon learning that he was the subject of a government-funded project to cure AIDS, Rod has to avoid being killed by Secret Service agents trying to protect their careers. Rod is accompanied by Aeva Tbolski, A European priestess whose task is to analyze Rod's spirit. If he is either ghost or demon, Aeva will return him to the afterlife.

Kathy's Review:

Why would Rod Hill be chosen to come back from the dead? He's foul-mouthed, irreverent, degrading toward women - not exactly a role model. He's shot while with his degenerate friends who are attempting to kill one of their exes. Then he wakes up in the morgue and suddenly, he's forced into the public eye as some kind of Messiah. A throng of believers begin camping outside of his property, hoping for glimpses of Rod and any words of wisdom he might impart. They watch his every movement - literally, EVERYTHING - on countless websites through tracking devices placed on Rod or someone near him. Think about if that technology was around in the time of Jesus, what we would know about Him!

Rod's followers include Aeva, a foreign-born woman with a rough past who is determined to get close to him to determine whether he is worthy of keeping his second chance of life, or if he is a demon who should be sent back toward death. Aeva, whose English is choppy, misspeaks "flowers" for "followers." From that point forward it's his "flowers" who are arround him.

Rod and Aeva traverse the globe, seeking answers to Rod's return from the dead, and the secret of life itself, which often puts them in dangerous or unusual situations. But it's the revelation of what really happened to Rod that is the most shocking.

All in all, this was an interesting read. Rod's language is crass, crude and refers quite often to the female anatomy in all kinds of not-so-flattering tones. I mean, even the cover, although it's a flower, has a little bit of a sexual undertone to it! The writing itself has an edge of roughness to it - whether purposeful or not, it has a little bit of a country twang at times. At times I had no idea how Rod and Aeva had gotten to their current location (e.g. Africa) or why they were there, and the writing style, which is often almost poetic, wasn't clear enough on those points. Because of the language and very frank sexual content this is not for everyone. This book made me think about how precious life is, and living every moment of it. Rod was fortunate to be given a second chance, and while it didn't change his personality or his appetite for women, it changed his behavior and put him on a better path. So I think there's something to take away for everyone who reads it.

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