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Kathy Reviews: Insecure by Michael Shevlin

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Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Two brothers who don't want to and don't know how to rob a bank ... have to try and rob a bank.

Book Summary:
(Taken from author's email)

Dan Collins wants to spice up his life a bit and the chance discovery of a secret that could give him access to millions - if not billions - could be the answer to his prayers. But this discovery starts a chain of events that he nor his properly dodgy brother can stop and slowly they get sucked into a world of hacking, money, guns and goons. They even realize that there is a possibility that they might get away with it - but will the reward be worth it?

Kathy's Review:

Dan's a curious guy. While house-sitting, discovers a friend's secret while snooping on his computer - after guessing the password and peering into his private files and Internet history - and the story takes off from there. Despite his nosy nature, Dan's a likable character in that he has a wry sense of humor (as does the author) and although he has his faults, he seems like he is a good person, although his temper and lack of thinking before speaking don't help him out. He sets a chain of events in motion and is then merely a passenger, no longer having control of what he started.

I love the observations Dan has about everyday annoyances or people's quirks - they're spot-on. "I wouldn't ban smoking in public, I don't mind gay men kissing in public and I couldn't give a toss if people swear in public. But if I had the constitutional power I would make it punishable by public flaying for people to talk to each other in baby talk." Ha! Or this gem: "Some things in restaurants are like neon - a slapped face, someone proposing or someone crying." Yep.

The author is British, so some of the references he uses were foreign to me, but I assume they would make sense to someone in England. For example: "He brought the only suit he deemed 'business like' which turned out to be a brown, single breasted classic cut which when paired with a cream shirt and a striped tie gave him a faint whiff of Abigail's Party." I had to Google "Abigails' Party" to find out that it was a 70's play popular in England.

If you've read my reviews for any length of time you know I always have to zing the authors when there are glaring errors in the book. There are quite a few that I noticed, too many to call out individually, so I'd definitely suggest the author hire a proofreader on the next go-round. Here's a quick lesson for the author, everyone else can skip to the next paragraph. It's = it is. Its = possessive form of it. You're welcome. I also noticed a few times where it's hard to tell who is speaking. Example: "I'm not exactly flush," Rich raised his eyebrows, "but it's not really the money ..." Dan is actually the speaker, but because of the interjection of Rich raising the eyebrows, it makes it seem like Rick is speaking.

In most cases, I was willing to overlook the grammatical errors because I just wanted to find out what was going to happen! How on earth would Dan and his brother get themselves out of the predicament they're in? Unfortunately it doesn't wrap up the way I'd hoped. I could easily see this being a movie - all the over-the-top action and comedy would make this a great film. I'd pay 8 bucks to see it!

*Book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks for the frank and honest review. I really do need a proof-reader because me and Spellcheck are just not cutting it. The whole it's its issue - again, spellcheck many times made me look bad and sometimes...well, sometimes it was just me.

    Anyway, you have made lots of interesting and valid observations that I shall take on board of my next project. Thanks for your honesty.


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