Friday, May 25, 2012

Charlene Reviews: When Two Become One by Alicia Hill Jones

ISBN #: 978-0979464621
Page Count: 320
Copyright: July 10, 2012
Publisher: Destiny 11 Publications

(Taken from Amazon)

A marriage is destined for divorce long before the couple's first date. In this inspirational faith-based novel, the battered foundation of Jonas and Shayna Ambrose's four year marriage is about to crumble when an unexpected pregnancy occurs. Fortunately, the mother-to-be is not one of Jonas' mistresses, but his wife. The problem: Jonas is adamant about Shayna not having the baby. At odds about the pregnancy they separate, until tragic events reunite them. But something is still missing in the relationship. When truths are exposed, will the Ambrose union be able to overcome issues deeper than what's on the surface?

Charlene's Review:

Let me start by saying that Inspirational Fiction is my favorite genre, and Ms. Jones did not disappoint. Fluid writing, along with a deep message made this a truly enjoyable book from beginning to end. Our lead character, Shayna, is living in a marriage that is rocked by infidelity and alcoholism. As if that weren't enough, her mother continually pulls her into the drama of her sisters' drug addiction. Fighting to be the Christian woman that God has called her to be, Shayna attempts to make things better. Her turning point is an unplanned pregnancy, and her husband's demands that she end it. As she struggles to do God's will, her sister makes a potentially fatal choice and Shayna's life is changed yet again.

When Two Become One is the story of a marriage on the brink. Shayna is determined to live a Godly life, but her husband, Jonas, grew up as a pastor's son and seen his father mistreat the family. He wants no part of what he sees as hypocrisy. After a robbery attempt that leaves Jonas seriously wounded, and a suicide attempt, Jonas begins to see the need to change, and allow God to work in his life.

While When Two Become One deals with some very heavy topics, it is done so with grace. There is real humanity in the characters of this book; living, breathing, imperfect human beings doing the best they can to survive. I felt the internal struggles that they faced, good and bad, and could relate to their pain in a real way. This is a beautiful novel with a strong message. Jonas' mother summed it up best:

"...regardless of what others are doing around you or in church, you need to get to know God for yourself. Build a relationship with Him, so when everything around you seems to be in chaos, connecting to the strength and peace of the Lord is what will get you through."

*Book was received from the author (who is also the publisher) in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thank you, Charlene, for your thoughtful and wonderful review of my novel!


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