Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mandy Reviews: An Impossible Dream Story by J.V. Petretta

ISBN #: 978-1457506802
Page Count: 251
Copyright: February 15, 2011
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

An accomplished, aging man is preparing for yet another dream - to conduct the first known bicycle-book tour (which will require peddling both miles and books). Who will believe 2,500 miles is possible for a man with gravely serious medical issues - at age sixty-five? Witnessing the lifetime spiritual journey of Vinny Pirelli, starting at age six with his very first bicycle, you track his development of being the only boy among many siblings, through growing pains of adolescence and teen years. He struggles with, and represses homosexual tendencies, putting his emotions into bicycling and writing songs. As a young adult, Vinny proves successful at whatever he attempts - even in building a family with the first girl he had sexual feelings for. As a ten-year Army leader, he learns hard lessons of losing friendships, love and trust, with the ultimate betrayal of his own father.

Mandy's Review:

This book provides an intimate look inside the author's past. With this type of writing, the reader is able to really get to know who he is, why he is the person he's become and feel a sense of closeness to him.

All children (or at least the ones I know) love bicycles, but Vinny's bike seemed to mean much more to him than to other children. Being the only son, Vinny was always seeking his dad's approval and recognition of Vinny's masculinity. Acquiring a bicycle at age six helped Vinny to feel "all boy, worthy to be Dad's one-and-only junior."

From childhood to present day, the reader follows Vinny on his journey through life. You will feel his joy (and relief) of falling in love, his pain of separation from close friends, his exaltation and pride from completing a 5,000 mile bike journey across the continent to, finally, his peace and overwhelming contentment at being with the love of his life.

There are some language and content issues that immature persons should not read. There are times when I felt the author went into too much detail, but that is the risk one takes when reading a book written with full disclosure. Overall moving and touching, An Impossible Dream Story will inspire and encourage struggling homosexuals.

Side Note:

Author's proceeds from the sale of this book will be divided among selected cycling and LGBT advocate groups, and his own future work in Africa.

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