Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Charlene Reviews: The Fitzy Resolution by A. D. DeSena

ISBN #: 978-0984767601
Page Count: 182
Copyright: March 6, 2012
Publisher: Dogged Publishers

(Taken from back cover)

As conflict builds between the Central Canine Government and the Wilds, Senator Labrador-Casey is called to investigate the mysterious disappearances of canines in her district. Meanwhile, Juniper, a shrewd veteran Senator, seeks to exploit every political opportunity, including Casey's investigation, for his own personal gain. As her investigation leads her snout-to-snout with disturbing facts about her government and her world, Casey must race against time to stop Juniper from achieving his ultimate political goals. The result is a battle that pits two political philosophies against one another and threatens the very existence of canine society!

Charlene's Review:

Senator Labrador-Casey is the head of the Committee of Inter-Canine Communication. Using "scentimas," Casey and the other Dogs of State can receive information regarding the happenings around town. When Yorkies start disappearing, the Committee is forced to investigate, and Casey finds herself learning things about her world that disappoint her. Thinking the "Wilds" or the "fananas" are responsible, Casey soon finds that the humans that dogs have been so loyal to may also be a great danger to them. Eventually, a bill is passed called the "Fitzy Resolution" that seeks to end their canine oppression.

The Fitzy Resolution is a very different type of reading. Written in the voice of the animals; dogs, cats, birds, rats, squirrels, etc. Based largely on a government model, I found it to be a bit too involved. While there was some information regarding dog fighting and animal cruelty, the majority of the book dealt with the dogs running the streets, fighting wolves, and the prerequisite "bad dog." I love books about dogs, and have read a few from their point of view, but this one was a little too technical for me. I did, however love the personalities of the animals, and occasionally laughed at their perceptions of other species. All in all, I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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