Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Reviewer Deidra Reviews - Under His Wings: Dwelling in that Secret Place by Dr. Beverley Forbes-Diaby

ISBN #: 978-1467025324
Page Count: 100
Copyright: September 26, 2011
Publisher: AuthorHouse Publishing

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Under His Wings brings hope to the hopeless! Dr. Beverley Forbes-Diaby invites readers into a secret place; a place where they will find protection, guidance, comfort, love and acceptance, a place of triumphant and victorious living.

Deidra's Review:

The poetry of Under His Wings is inspirational and covers a variety of topics including comfort, faith, forgiveness, grace, guidance, hope and prayer. But while the content is encouraging and uplifting, the poetry itself leaves something to be desired.

All of the verses are sing-songy and predictable, with too much emphasis placed on rhyme. Some lines feel forced and misplaced, and although there is a great deal of rhythm, some of the poetry lacks flow and doesn't contain a natural progression where dynamics are concerned.

In spite of form and lack of flexibility where poetics is concerned, the author does convey her overall message well. Genuine emotion can be felt in the verses, and the author delivers her sense of hope and reassurance successfully. There are also many poems that can be used as a form of personal prayer and meditation.

Although I would not recommend the book on the basis of its poetic merit, I would recommend it to someone who needs encouragement as it offers a quick, easy read and could be used in conjunction with a daily devotion or as a simple meditation.

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