Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Charlene Reviews: Shadows of the Past by Richard Schiver

ISBN #: 978-0615583181
Page Count: 248
Copyright: January 2, 2012
Publisher: Abis Books

(Taken from Amazon)

He has watched from the shadows since the dawn of time, a jealous god who once ruled a young planet, seeking a return to his former glory.

A brain damaged four year who has the ability to bargain with death is the instrument through which he can escape the shadows of the past. He will do anything to possess this child. But first he has to go through his father.

Sam Hardin must come to terms with his guilt over his wife's death in time to protect his son from the forces of evil who seek to use him as a conduit from the ancient past.

Inspired by Cthulhu Mythos, Shadows of the Past takes the reader on a pulse pounding journey spanning three days as the ongoing battle between good and evil is joined. Sam Hardin and Jack Griffith go head to head in a fight to the death from which only one can emerge victorious while in the balance hangs the future of all mankind.

Charlene's Review:

An ancient dagger is stolen that may be the conduit to a world that existed over 15 million years ago. Jack Griffith is three weeks from retiring from working the swing shift in the sewers. Called to open a clogged drain, Jack uncovers a dagger. Its supernatural powers reveal the darkness around him, and he is transformed; the Chosen. Sam Hardin is a detective assigned to a grisly murder. He is also the guardian, and father, to Frankie, who the Chosen One is seeking in order to end mankind. Struggling with the loss of his wife, Sam must put his past aside to protect his son.

Watch out, Stephen King! Mr. Schiver has a way with terror. Starting with page number 4, Shadows of the Past is a horror-filled ride that left me white-knuckling all the way to the end! The subplots, such as the death of his wife, and the injury to his son, as well as his teen daughter's escapades into crime, lend an even more realistic feel to the story. There are also several flashbacks to war, whether Vietnam, or Kuwait, that mirror the fight for survival that Jack and Sam face as they each wage war in the present day. Weaving the subplots together are horrific cannibalistic murders.

There were a few inconsistencies, although minor, that had me going back and reviewing. Mainly in regards to Sam's wife, Anna, and her death. In Chapter 8, Michelle mentions that its been 4 years since Anna's death, and in Chapter 17, Cheryl, Sam's daughter, states it's been 2 years. Seeing as this book takes place within 3 days time, I was temporarily confused. This, however, in no way detracted from the story, just caused my detail-oriented mind to reel.

Shadows of the Past is full of voices that can mimic others, beings with needle-like teeth that can't be killed, and black clouds that reach forward like tendrils lurking in the darkness. This book will have you sleeping with a nightlight, afraid of the shadows in your closet and under your bed. Descriptive scenes and all too human emotion give this a realistic feel that would translate to the screen with spine-tingling results. The ending hints toward a possible sequel, which I would greedily snatch up and hunker down in a well-lit room to enjoy.

5 out of 5 stars!

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  1. Thank you, Charlene, for your kind review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed my work.


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