Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: North of Sunset by Henry Baum

ISBN #: 978-1411656567
Page Count: 279
Copyright: 2007

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

If there's an everyman, then Michael Sennet is every celebrity. Michael Sennet is a movie star. He should be happy, but he's bored. What does he do after he's achieved the best of everything: the best women, the best cars, the best homes, the best drugs? He doesn't have an answer. Meanwhile, the Vanity Plate Killer is roaming the streets of Los Angeles looking for new victims and dreaming of fame of his own. When Michael Sennet uses the M.O. of the Vanity Plate Killer, they find something that eclipses any starring role.

Charlie's Review:

Michael Sennet is a celebrity. Everywhere he goes, he’s instantly recognized as a star who has it all.  Eventually, this narcissistic actor yearns for more and ends up making a careless mistake that catches the eye of the paparazzi. Blackmailed by photographs that could ruin his career, Michael murders the offending journalist, and uses the method of a local serial killer, the “Vanity Plate Killer,” to throw off the police. Finding new energy and power in the murder, Michael finds himself falling deeper and deeper into the mind of a killer.

North Of Sunset is a study in the human mind. The depth in which he developed the characters, while playing on the life of arrogant movie stars, is entertaining and believable. The lengths to which man will go for their own celebrity is also studied.

A scandalous murder mystery of human self-promotion. You truly believe in the end that there is nothing you can’t get away with if your address is North of Sunset.

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