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Review: My Superhero Sister by Toni LoTempio

ASIN #: B004KZP1Q4
Size: 278 KB (Kindle)
Copyright: 2011

Book Summary:
(Provided to me by author)

Holly Hamilton has always been perturbed by the way her older sister, Ellen, seems to get everything.  It's especially tough living in the shadow of your sister's cape when she's a super heroine named Suprema!

With one super-parent and one not, it was inevitable that the girls would turn out different.  Unfortunately for Holly, she takes after her earthling mother. Ellen has taken over their retired father’s role as Century City's reigning superhero, balancing school and super-duties with remarkable ease while it’s a struggle for Holly to get through her English class without mishap, not to mention those Cheer Squad tryouts!

The girls learn their father’s old nemeses, Anti-Hero, has escaped from his Space Prison, and they’re concerned – Anti-Hero nullified their father’s powers once – what else does he have in store for him and Suprema?  When another teen superhero extraordinaire appears on the scene, they’re even more puzzled.  Who is Magna Boy? Is he friend or foe?  And does he have a connection to Anti-Hero?   The appearance of two  new guys at school, teen heartthrob Tad Barker and nerd Ed McGee, set Holly and her sister to wondering—and arguing—could one of them be the new super kid on the block?  If so, which one?

Working with her friend Mona and her scientist uncle, Holly finally uncovers Anti-Hero’s dastardly plot – he intends to capture Suprema and Magna Boy and siphon their powers for himself!   Before she can warn her sibling, however, Anti-Hero strikes and captures the superheroes.  Now it’s up to Holly to use her ingenuity and prove to everyone, but most of all herself, that you don’t’ have to be a superhero for good to win out over evil…or to nab a super-boyfriend, either!

Mandy's Review:


I hate to say it, but I'm not a big fan of the cover.  I understand it ... I'm just not a fan.  It reminds me of the old comic books with how the two girls are drawn.


The story definitely has action and suspense while still dealing with the normal teenage feelings of inadequacy, jealousy over an older sibling and low self-esteem.

It definitely kept my interest.  However, I must say the ending lacked a little oomph for me.  I understand why the author went in the direction she did, but I did not find it as exciting action-wise as the pages before it.

Main Characters

Ellen - Holly's older sister and superheroine, Suprema - Ellen has taken after her father's side of the family and has become a superhero.  She's smart, attractive, fun and people are drawn to her ... which can be a source of contention where Holly is concerned.

Holly - Ellen's younger sister and normal human - Holly has her father's physique, but her mother's human nature.  Holly is jealous of Ellen and how perfect she is.  Only when Holly is thrown into an unexpected situation does she somewhat understand how Ellen's life must be.

Tad - New kid in town - He has just arrived in Century City and is Holly's crush.  Even though Tad is in Ellen's grade, Holly tries her best to get Tad to notice her and like her.  He's the All-American good looking hunk that all the girls go ga-ga over.


There were a couple writing errors and some questions left unanswered (for me), but overall I was drawn into this book and enjoyed it.  I would recommend this more to the teen crowd rather than the adults.

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