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Blog Tour/Review: Promised Valley Rebellion by Ron Fritsch

Welcome to Ron Fritsch's Promised Valley Rebellion Blog Tour, hosted by Tracee at Pump Up Your Book.  Below you will find book info, book summary and my review.  Enjoy!

Book Info:

Promised Valley Rebellion
ISBN #: 978-0-578-05778-1
Page Count: 270
Copyright: 2010

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

Prehistoric farmers inhabit a fertile river valley they believe their gods promised them in return for their good behavior.  Their enemies, hunters roaming the mostly barren hills beyond the mountains enclosing the valley, believe their gods gave it to them.

When the farmers' king refuses to allow the marriage of the coming-of-age prince to the daughter of the farmer who saved the king's life in the last war with the hunters, her brother decides he has to help his sister and the prince, his boyhood friend, correct the flagrant injustice.

That decision leads them and their youthful allies into a rebellion against the king and his officials, who rule the kingdom from their bluff-top town.  The far more numerous farmers in the villages below, who despise the officials but not the king, and who admire the prince, are in a position to determine whether the rebels will succeed or face execution for treason.

Mandy's Review:


I like the picture of an actual valley to represent the "Promised Valley."  I think it could have done without the red slash across it ... even though I do understand why it's there.


The plot reminded me a little bit of Romeo and Juliet.  A couple, each person from a different family, wanting to be together but they encounter obstacles that try to keep them apart.

The naming of the characters (Rose Leaf, Blue Sky, etc.) reminded me of how Native Americans used to pick their children's names.  However, with their being a king, queen, prince, etc ... I knew these weren't Native Americans.  So, that was a little weird for me.

There was quite a bit of action in the book.  The author did a wonderful job of pulling you into the story and keeping you captivated.


Blue Sky - Brother to Rose Leaf and one of the people to help initiate a revolt against the king.

Rose Leaf - Sister to Blue Sky.  Not only did she help the initiation of the revolt, but she was also in love with Morning Sun and wished to marry him.

Morning Sun - The king's son.  He desires to marry Rose Leaf, but is forbidden to by his father, the king Tall Oak.  So, the prince has a difficult decision to make: Stand by his father, the king, as an heir to the throne or assist in the revolt against his father?


This is a well-written tale of classic themes: good vs. evil, the attempted separation of two loves and a person torn between making a decision that would conform to current society's standards or taking a stand for what they know is the right thing to do.

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  1. Mandy, thank you very much for your review of Promised Valley Rebellion. You concisely lay out for potential readers what I would want them to know: the shape of the conflicts at the heart of the story. I feel honored to have my book appear on your blog. Again, thank you for reading Promised Valley Rebellion and for your honest review.


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