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Book Summary:
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A dark cloud draws over the nation of Ramza. A mad king terrorizes a kingdom. Demons dance under the moon's light. And an assassin that wears the guise of those she meets once again stalks the land.

Aerika became an orphan the night her family was burned alive. Together with her friend, Khristian, the two children set off on an adventure to find her parents' killers. With the help of a master thespian and swordsman, a wielder of fire and lightning, and two street performers, they will try to uncover the nature of evil that corrupts the throne and bring the killers to justice.

Mandy's Review:

Khristian is a budding detective and he's studying as much as he can so he can be ready to become a member of the Watch when he's a little older. His father is a member of the Watch and that's where Khristian gets his love and initial knowledge for the job. Khristian takes his father's mentoring very seriously and applies the lessons to every day life.

Aerika is a friend of Khristian's. She was raised by a mother who thought bookish knowledge for a female to be useless. Why would a lady need to know how to read and write when her rich husband would be the one to take care of her? Upon the nightmarish death of her family, Aerika lives with Khristian's family and sees that a lady having book smarts is not a bad thing.

The two join forces fairly quickly and it's not long after that when Khristian's own family undergoes its own peril. Can Khristian and Aerika join forces to figure out what's going on?

I don't know that I would call this first novella in the series an adventure. It's more of an introduction of things to come. The entire time I felt that the story was building up to some event or happening. While there are benefits for authors to break up a novel into several different books, I really feel that this would be better as one novel. Right as I was becoming drawn into the story, it ended abruptly and left me feeling disappointed.

If the author ever puts all of the sections into one complete novel, I may pick this back up again. It definitely has promise.

*An ecopy of this novella was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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