Saturday, October 11, 2014

{Animal Welfare Week: Wrap Up} A Gin & Tonic Mystery Series by L.A. Kornetsky

Thank you for joining us this week as we celebrated Animal Welfare Week in conjunction with Gallery Books. Below is our wrap up post where you can access all six posts from this past week.

Book Spotlight of COLLARED, posted on 10/5:

They rely on animal instincts…

Meet “Gin” and “Tonic.” She’s a dog person. He’s a cat person. But when these two friendly rivals team up to solve a mystery, you can bet their pets aren’t the only ones getting collared… Read more here.

Book Spotlight of FIXED, posted on 10/6:

A professional problem solver, Ginny Mallard can’t resist a call for help. And try as he may, Seattle bartender Teddy Tonica is powerless to resist a challenge. They may not agree on much—Teddy prefers bar cat Mistress Penny, while Gin’s shar-pei, Georgie, is her constant companion—but these friendly rivals make perfect sleuthing partners ... Read more here.

Book Spotlight of DOGHOUSE, posted on 10/7:

Amateur sleuths Ginny Mallard and Teddy Tonica and their furry partners prove in L.A. Kornetsky’s DOGHOUSE that twelve legs are better than four when it comes to solving a risky new case in the third novel from the “entertaining” (Library Journal) Gin & Tonic mystery series ... Read more here.

Book Excerpt from DOGHOUSE, posted on 10/8:

Chapter 1

Theodore—Teddy to nearly everyone not related by blood—Tonica was king of his domain. Or maybe ringleader was a better description, he thought with a grin, snapping the bar towel in his hand at a patron who tried to reach over the bar and change the music. “Hands off the dial, Joel.” The radio was set to a local jazz station, and it didn’t get turned up any higher than could be heard at the bar itself. Those were the rules, and everyone knew it ... Read more here.

Guest Post by L.A. Kornetsky, posted on 10/9:

I’m getting ready for a move, and part of that is decluttering.  Getting rid of things – objects, old paperwork – that I don’t need to haul with me any more.

But in a folder of otherwise no-longer-needed papers, there’s a sheet I’m keeping.  It’s from the ASPCA, and it documents my adoption of the kitten once known as Minna, who became my beloved Pandora, gone now a little over a year ... Read more here.

Review & Giveaway of DOGHOUSE, posted on 10/10:

Not having read the first two novels in the A Gin & Tonic Mystery series, I wondered if I'd be able to follow the characters and their quirks. Never fear, dear followers, DOGHOUSE can be read on its own and be understood just fine. There were several references to things that happened in the past that I wish I would've had knowledge of, but that's just my OCD kicking in ... Read more here.

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